Audeze LCD-GX Review

Audeze LCD-GX Review

The Audeze LCD-GX is a premium headset that has created a name among audiophiles. Audeze, a California-based firm, is recognized for its unique planar magnetic driver technology that has set the bar for audiophile headphones. This product is the newest addition tо Audeze’s LCD range of headphones and offers an unmatched blend of sound quality, comfort, and features.
We will examine this device’s appearance, comfort, sound quality, and functions. We will also discuss if this product is worthwhile for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Finally, we will also present an objective and thorough analysis of this product so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this headset is suited for you.


  • Amazing sounds reproduction
  • Absurd soundstage that brings the virtual world to life beyond what your typical 7.1 can do
  • Crisp and clear sound that has smooth bass and nice highs
  • Extremely high quality look and feel
  • Stylish in a way that works for both gaming and normal use
  • Includes multiple cables, including one with an optional mic


  • Fit is kind of hit and miss
  • A little bit expensive

Design and Build Quality

The sleek and sophisticated design of the Audeze LCD-GX is useful and aesthetically pleasant. The headphones have a matte black appearance, and the earcups and headband have modest Audeze branding. Most headphones’ construction comprises high-quality materials, including а lightweight magnesium chassis and a leather-wrapped memory foam headband.

The earcups are large and spherical with memory foam earpads that provide a secure and pleasant fit. Replaceable earpads are an excellent feature for individuals who wish to extend the life of their headphones. So, the headband is adjustable, allowing for a customized fit. 

The headphones feel solid and durable and should endure for many years with meticulous care and use. Also, this device includes a detachable cable of superior quality, a small carrying case, and a warranty card. 

The line is constructed of high-quality materials and is securely connected to the headphones. Also, the carrying case is tiny and fashionable, providing excellent protection for your headphones when traveling.

This headset includes a premium detachable cable, a small carrying case, and a warranty certificate. The line is constructed from premium materials and has a solid connection to the headphones. The carrying case is tiny and attractive, providing great protection for your headphones when you’re on the go.

Sound Quality

The highlight of the Audeze LCD-GX headphones is their sound quality. The headphones are built with Audeze’s trademark planar magnetic driver technology, which gives an unrivaled level оf detail and accuracy in sound reproduction. So, the LCD-flat GX’s neutral frequency response makes it a perfect choice for various musical genres. 

The headphones provide a tight and punchy bass and mids and highs that are distinct and precise. Wide and expansive, the soundstage offers an immersive listening experience. The imagery and separation are outstanding, allowing you to readily discern the various musical instruments and noises.

This product is a very efficient headset powered by various sources, such as mobile devices and high-end amplifiers. The headphone’s low impedance of 20 ohms makes it easy to drive, and its sensitivity of 102 dB enables you to obtain a good loudness even when using weaker sources.

In summary, the sound quality of this piece is unparalleled. 

The headphones’ balanced and incredibly detailed sound will impress even the most discriminating audiophile. The soundstage, image, and separation are all outstanding, and the headphones provide a well-balanced and delightful listening experience.


Transducer TypePlanar Magnetic
Magnetic StructureProprietary magnet array
Phase ManagementFazor
Magnet TypeNeodymium N50
Diaphragm TypeUltra-thin Uniforce™
Transducer Size106mm
Maximum SPL>130dB
Frequency Response10Hz - 50kHz
THD<0.1% @ 100dB
Impedance20 ohms
Sensitivity103 dB/1mW
Power Handling5W RMS
Connection2.5m 2-sided cable with 3.5mm and 1/4in stereo plugs

Competitors Comparison

The Audeze LCD-GX is a premium headphone that competes with other premium headphones on the market. The LCD-most GX’s formidable rivals include the Sennheiser HD 800 S, the Hifiman HE1000 SE, and the Focal Utopia.

The Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones are well-known in the audiophile community for their balanced sound signature and expansive soundstage. The Hifiman HE1000 SE is а planar magnetic headphones with a balanced and distinct sound. The Focal Utopia is a high-end pair of headphones renowned for its tight, punchy bass and expansive and accurate soundstage.

Comparable to these headphones in terms of sound quality, the Audeze LCD-GX has a neutral and detailed sound profile. The LCD-GX offers a larger soundstage and more accurate image than the HD 800 S, and its bass is tighter and more powerful than the HE1000 SE. With built-in EQ and wireless capabilities, the LCD-GX is considerably more adaptable than the Focal Utopia.

The Audeze LCD-GX is a highly capable headphone that can compete with the greatest headphones on the market. The headphones’ sound quality, adaptability, and capabilities set them apart from the competition, making them an excellent choice for audiophiles and music fans.


The Audeze LCD-GX is a premium headphone that combines sound quality, versatility, and features in an unmatched manner. The headphones’ planar magnetic driver technology produces а balanced, highly detailed sound and is unsurpassed by other headphones in its class. 

Furthermore, this model has many connecting choices, including analog, digital, and wireless, and a built-in equalizer and software compatibility that enables high customization. The headphone is also designed with mobility in mind, with its foldable design, compact carrying case, and long-lasting battery.

Compared to its competitors, this piece stands out as a highly capable headphone that offers great value for its price. As a result, the headphone is an excellent choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts looking for headphones that deliver a neutral and immersive listening experience. These headphones impress even the most discerning listener.

Audeze LCD-GX Review
Audeze LCD-GX Review


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