Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth Headphones Review

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth Headphones are a favorite among consumers searching for a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality or comfort.
We will thoroughly examine them by examining their design, build quality, sound quality, battery life, connectivity options, and other aspects.
We will help you decide if this product iѕ the best option, whether you’re an audiophile or just searching for a durable pair of headphones for everyday use.


  • High-quality sound: The headphones have graphene drivers that produce deep, punchy bass and clear, crisp treble for a truly immersive listening experience.
  • Convenient features: The headphones have a built-in microphone and control buttons that make it easy to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and take calls without reaching your phone.
  • Long battery life: The headphones provide up to 5 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge and come with a compact charging case that provides an additional 10 hours of playtime.
  • Water-resistant design: The headphones are IPX7 water-resistant, making them ideal for exercise or other sweating or rain-related activities.
  • Comfortable fit: The earbuds are made of а soft, flexible rubber material that conforms to the shape of your ear for a comfortable and secure fit.


  • Limited noise isolation: The open design of the earbuds may allow some external noise to penetrate, affecting the overall listening experience.
  • No active noise cancellation: The headphones do not have active noise cancellation, which may be а drawback for some users who require this feature for noisy environments.
  • Average call quality: While the built-in microphone provides clear audio for phone calls, some users may find the call quality average compared to other headphones.

Design and Build Quality

These headphones are tiny and lightweight, making them ideal for traveling. Also, the headphones are available in a variety of colors so that you can pick one that best reflects your individuality.

These headphones are well constructed and can survive normal use without breaking down. The earphones contain rubber that molds to the shape оf your ear canal. 

The IPX7 rating for water resistance means you can use them during exercise or other activities where sweating or rain is possible.

The headphones’ flat wire design helps avoid annoying tangles and makes them simple to stow away when unused. Earphones have a clip that stops them from slipping out of your ears. 

The volume, track skipping and call answering buttons are all conveniently situated on the cable, reducing the need to pull out your phone.

They offer a great balance of form and function at a reasonable price.

Sound Quality

Their audio performance is exceptional. The headphones’ graphene drivers generate powerful bass and crystal-clear highs. Well-balanced and offering a spacious, enveloping listening experience, the soundstage brings your favorite music to vivid life.

These headphones have an impressively high volume level, allowing for playback, so their strong volume output without distortion makes them useful in loud settings.

While more expensive than some alternatives, this model provides superior sound quality relative to their cost. That means they have a neutral sonic profile that works with many different styles of music.

These headphones have а great design and offer a fantastic listening experience thanks to their high-quality sound. 

Connectivity and Features

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth Headphones are a great choice if you’re looking for wireless headphones because оf their high-quality sound and convenient features. 

The headphones pair with your device through Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures a reliable and speedy connection for streaming music and making phone calls. You may roam around with the headphones still connected to your device, which is a very nice feature.

The headphones have fantastic battery life, allowing up to 5 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. Their tiny charging case adds 10 hours of listening time, making them suitable for daily use. The charging case is compact and can be powered using a USB cord, making it ideal for trips and other on-the-go situations.

Regarding extras, the headphones contain a microphone integrated into the design, allowing for crystal-clear phone calls. The headphones’ built-in buttons let you change the volume, skip songs, and answer calls without touching your phone. 

Also, they have an IPX7 rating for water resistance, making them suitable for use in the shower or when working out in the rain.

This product, in particular, offers a convenient and consistent listening experience thanks to its superior connectivity and other features. 

These headphones are ideal for individuals on the road who still want a high-quality listening experience thanks to their Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, long battery life, and convenient features.

Competitors Comparison

Compared to other headphones in the same price range, this model of headphones stands out as a great buy. The headphones offer a variety of features and sound quality that are on par with other headphones on the market, all at a competitive price.

The JLab Audio JBuds Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds are a strong contender to the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo headphones. The JBuds Air Sport have a comparable price and are portable because of their small size and light weight. 

Nevertheless, unlike the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo headphones, they offer a lower battery life and less volume adjustment flexibility.

The TaoTronics SoundSurge 60 Wireless Earbuds are another alternative. The SoundSurge 60 earphones are well-designed and great, but they aren’t as water-resistant аs the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo headphones.

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth Headphones are an excellent buy for the money if you prioritize sound quality and comfort. Even if there are other headphones with comparable characteristics, the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo headphones are the best option for the money and are suitable for everybody.


This model is an excellent pick for those on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice sound quality or comfort. The headphones’ Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and lengthy battery life make them excellent for traveling, and their well-balanced sound characteristic gives а fully immersive listening experience.

It is a great option for those who want a stylish and long-lasting pair of headphones. The IPX7 water resistance rating makes these earbuds suitable for exercise or other activities, including sweating or rain. The soft, flexible rubber material molds to the curve of your ear for a comfortable and secure fit.

These headphones are a fantastic option for anyone who needs high-quality headphones while traveling. These headphones are built to provide crystal-clear audio for all your audio needs, whether listening to music, watching a movie, or having a phone conversation.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth Headphones Review
Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth Headphones Review


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