Anker SoundCore Flare 360-Degree Sound Review

Anker SoundCore Flare 360-Degree Sound Review

The Anker SoundCore Flare is one of the latest Bluetooth speakers from Anker. One of the others is probably already familiar with Anker. We have already tested some speakers from Anker, but the manufacturer has also made a name for itself with high-performance power banks. With today’s review, we take on the Anker SoundCore Flare, a 360-degree speaker that wants to convince with good sound, long battery life, and mood lighting.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Quality audio performance with rich lows, crisp highs, and adjustable bass.
  • Waterproofed.
  • Built-in LED lighting.


  • Various EQ modes don’t alter audio that much.

The 360-degree loudspeaker comes in a blue box, typical for Anker, and can be opened quickly. The scope of delivery includes everything you need to operate the SoundCore Flare. In addition to the speaker itself, you will find a 3.5mm jack cable and a micro USB charging cable. The operating instructions for Anker products can also be safely put aside because the intuitive operation should also quickly familiarize less tech-savvy users with the speaker.

The loudspeaker can now be removed from the packaging, and its protective film can be removed. When you first touch it, you notice the 530 grams, but the structured surface comes to the fore even more clearly, which is reminiscent of fabric. The standing loudspeaker feels very good, feels good in the hands, and cuts a good figure even when standing. The shape is reminiscent of competing products called Revolve from Bose. This is where 360-degree sound and an upright position are used.

Anker SoundCore Flare is a true mood maker!

In addition to the 360-degree function, the SoundCore Flare also has an LED ring on the underside. But first, the speaker should be turned on with a long press on the power button located on the back. At the back, you will also find a Bluetooth button to connect to the smartphone and a tab under which there is a micro USB input and a 3.5mm jack port.

The top offers the actual control unit. The user can change the volume and, as already mentioned, control the LED ring. You can choose between simple color change modes or switch on active music synchronization. The LEDs dance to the beat of the music, which worked pretty well in our test. Both fast and slow music is no problem for the LEDs of the SoundCore Flare. Overall, this feature is surprisingly good as it adds even more vibes to a party and when relaxing. However, this feature only shows its strengths at dusk or night – then the colors are much more intense.

One last button on the speaker’s head is the BassUp technology, which we had already praised to the skies in our test report on the Anker SoundCore Boost. The music becomes much more voluminous and powerful with a single button push – a difference like a day and night. We liked the operation of the SoundCore Flare, and we quickly got used to the buttons. The pressure point of the buttons is also well-chosen.

Wireless stereo connection and smartphone app

With its SoundCore Flare, Anker offers a stereo function that can be implemented with two Flare loudspeakers. These are coupled wirelessly, and the two loudspeakers replace a home cinema system. Double the sound, double the volume – unfortunately, we weren’t able to test this function at the moment because we only had one test device. If we can test the stereo mode, this part of the test report will be added.

A connection to your smartphone can also be established via an app. To do this, the SoundCore app for Android and iOS must be downloaded, via which you can then use an equalizer to adjust the sound of the speaker to your preferences. You can also control and change the light effects of the LED ring via the SoundCore app. We have linked the two app stores for you below.

If you want to take the SoundCore Flare to the lake, you don’t have to worry about splashing water or anything like that. The IPX7 water protection ensures that nothing happens to the speaker even when submerged in water. So, the next pool party can come! The battery life of up to 12 hours is also a big plus – we were able to confirm 13 hours in our test, but we only had the speaker running at 30-40% of the total volume. So, overall, we like the complete package of the 360-degree speaker. But what about the sound?

As for the sound, it can be said to fit gracefully into the series of anchor speakers. However, the highs and mids stand out a little more with the Anker SoundCore Flare than with other Anker models. However, the bass is by no means neglected. Thanks to the BassUp mode, the speaker fills every room and does not allow any annoying overdriving even at maximum volume.

The SoundCore Flare offers the optimal sound at around 60-70 percent of its maximum output. By the way: The speaker also offers Amazon Alexa support. Haven’t you had enough speaker-test reports? Here you can see all of our Bluetooth speaker reviews.


Anker SoundCore Flare 360-Degree Sound Review
Anker SoundCore Flare 360-Degree Sound Review


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