AKG K371-BT Review Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

AKG K371-BT Review

With the AKG K371-BT, the Austrian sound specialists at AKG promise over-ear headphones that will delight even the most demanding ears. We tested it for you.

Scope of delivery

After opening the packaging, it is immediately noticeable how generous the delivery was. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the over-ear headphones can be used completely wirelessly and without interference, but alternatively, they can be turned into a wired device in no time at all. Three cables are supplied for this: a 3-meter and a 1.20-meter-long cable and a 3-meter-long spiral cable. We also find a mini-jack adapter in the package, and a micro USB charging cable can be made out right next to it.


  • Crisp, emotive vocals
  • Expansive bass
  • Class-leading battery life


  • Problematic design
  • Unreliable touch controls
  • Low on features

All connections and controls are on the left. The headphones and accessories can also be conveniently stowed away with the supplied fabric bag. The bag makes a high-quality and chic impression and is even provided with a soft fleece lining on the inside.

Design & processing

In terms of color, AKG has opted for a matt anthracite that conveys a restrained impression in terms of its effect. The design avoids corners and clear edges and is stylish and shapely with its rounded transitions.

In our hands, we find the headphones very comfortable and very clean. The headband that sits on our heads afterward is lined with soft foam. The ear cushions also feel very soft thanks to the 2 cm thick memory foam covered with polyurethane leather.
On the left, we find the connections and controls. We started with a small LED light that flashes white when we charge the battery and lights up blue when the device is in use. Directly underneath is the on / off switch, followed by the circular jack input integrated into the housing, in case we want to operate the headphones with a cable. Finally, we find the USB input through which we charge the battery. We think it’s a bit of a shame that a micro-USB input was built in here. USB-C should be standard in 2021.

The gesture control, which works through a built-in touchpad, is located on the surface of the left earpiece. The headphones are very easy to use. A double-tap with our finger means play/stop. If we swipe up or down, we regulate the volume, and with a swipe left and right, the music track can be selected further or back—a simple and convenient operation. One annoyance, however, is that the touchpad sometimes works a little imprecisely and does not reliably recognize our gestures.


The memory above the foam, with which the headband and ear pads are equipped, ensures a very comfortable fit. Our ears sink into the generously designed ear pads, and even if you wear glasses, you don’t get any unpleasant problems even after wearing them for a long time. For example, when the headphones press the temples of our glasses into our skin and cause pain.

The AKG K371-BT are real head flatterers. We also did not notice any “heat build-up” during use. Even after wearing them for a long time, we don’t start to sweat under the headphones, which rounds off the great wearing comfort. The ear cups can be rotated 180 degrees and placed towards the inside of the temple. Perfect for easy transport.

Sound & technology

Not only does the housing of the AKG K371-BT have a rounded look, but the soundscape also appears rounded. Anyone expecting exaggerated highs and thumping bass is probably out of place here. The headphones are a professional audio output device that should convince when listening to music daily and offer a balanced and clean sound when used as studio headphones and when processing sound.

The 40 mm titanium-coated neodymium drivers produce precise tones with 5 – 40,000 Hz at an impedance of 34 ohms and a maximum sound pressure level of 104 decibels. The headphones are also noticeably loud. Whereby at full volume, the highs lose quality and tend to overdrive. The basses are powerful but, as mentioned, not played dominantly so that the sound garb appears harmonious and nuanced in its entirety.

When listening to different genres of music, it can be seen that the headphones cut a good figure, especially with rock, pop, jazz, and metal, and that the tracks are played with a very neutral timbre – just as they were recorded. Voices are also displayed very clearly, which makes the device attractive for podcasts and audiobooks.

The AKG K371-BT concentrates on the essentials and dispenses with every additional extra. While many other headphones are crammed with additional features such as app control, built-in microphones or telephone, and hands-free functions, AKG decides to leave out any further gimmicks.


Software frills such as a dedicated app, selectable sound profiles, adjustable equalizers, hands-free equipment, etc., have been deliberately avoided. In return, the headphones channel their full potential into the sound experience and offer impressive performance in the mid-price segment of 120 to 150 euros, which in particular also enables professional sound for audio editing on the PC. Furthermore, all the necessary cables for this are included in the scope of delivery so that nothing should be left to be desired.

Apart from a few small weaknesses, such as the missing USB-C output, the AKG K371-BT is convincing across the board. A high level of comfort, a chic design, and natural and precise sounds make the AKG K371-BT an audiophile sound experience that is just great fun listening to music on the go and editing audio at home. In addition, the scope of delivery makes a generous and high-quality impression.

AKG K371-BT Review Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones
AKG K371-BT Review Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones


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