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Klipsch AW-650 Review

Klipsch AW-650 Review For anyone looking to rock hard in the yard, the Klipsch AW-650 Outdoor Speakers have you covered. These large outdoor wired speakers ...

Klipsch 3 Forte III Review

Klipsch 3 Forte III Review The 3-way horn loudspeaker Forte III is offered in a vintage retro style. Nevertheless, there are similarities between the Klipsch ...

KEF R500 Review

KEF R500 Review With all due respect to KEF, the technique, sound, design, and the generally high culture it represents, the next planned tests do not cause ...

KEF R300 Review

KEF R300 Review It is available in walnut, rosewood, high-gloss black, or high-gloss white. The KEF R300 3-way bass reflex shelf speaker finds its way into ...

KEF R11 Review

KEF R11 Review As the saying goes, good things take time, and they are usually right about that. On the occasion of a visit to Hegel in Norway, I had the ...

KEF Q950 Review

KEF Q950 Review The KEF Q950 is powerfully equipped, offers excellent material and processing quality, and is significantly cheaper than many comparable-sized ...

KEF Q550 Review

KEF Q550 Review The KEF Q550 represents the perfect symbiosis of well-dimensioned floor standing speakers, lavish equipment, and finely defined sound, ...

KEF Q100 Review

KEF Q100 Review The performance of the compact loudspeaker from KEF is clearly illustrated. Below we have illustrated the performance of the bookshelf ...

KEF LS 50 Review

KEF LS 50 Review If you had asked me which (passive) test speaker of the still young LowBeats history the manufacturer should activate, the answer would not ...

Harbeth Audio P3ESR ​​XD Review

Harbeth Audio P3ESR ​​XD Review The Harbeth Audio P3ESR ​​XD continues to write HiFi history. The successor to the legendary BBC LS3/5a belongs on the ...

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