1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless Earbuds Review

1MORE ColorBuds Review

1MORE recently launched its brand new and now third true wireless headphones. The 1MORE ColorBuds ESS6001T is the legitimate successor to the “Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones” and, in contrast to the ANC-TWS model, which has since appeared, are primarily intended to impress as lifestyle headphones with a powerful sound in an ultra-compact format.

We wanted to get a more precise picture of it and have the new, at first glance no less “stylish” looking 1MORE ColorBuds, which – based on the “Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones” in the four-color variants “Midnight Black,” “Twilight Gold,” “Spearmint Green” and “Sakura Pink”- which are available in stores for just under 100 euros, pass a detailed practical and hearing test.


  • Good sound
  • Price
  • Pair easily over Bluetooth


  • Trouble connecting to app
  • Tapping not always recognized as controls
  • Battery life not as long as claimed

Construction and scope of delivery of the 1MORE ColorBuds

The latest true wireless headphones from 1MORE stand out due to their highly compact and improved ergonomic design with diagonally angled ear outlets and an NCVM color coating (non-conductive vacuum metallization) in the four colors mentioned above in a matt look, including a metallic finish of the driver covers from the crowd. Furthermore, in contrast to the Stylish True Wireless and True Wireless ANC in-ear headphones that we recently tested, the new model also has no ear fins and thus has an even more compact effect.

Inside these tiny wireless in-ears, a completely newly developed symmetrical full-range balanced armature driver (BA driver) tinkers with a sound with less distortion across the entire frequency spectrum. Once again, this unique transducer has been fine-tuned by the four-time Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi in favor of a balanced and precise sound stage.

The new 1MORE ColorBuds with the accessories included in the scope of delivery

The manufacturer includes a plastic charging case that is not quite as egg-shaped but is still oval, with its third TWS in-ear headphones, with a high-gloss and USB-C upgrade including an additional charging pole and function button and a non-slip underside got missed. The scope of delivery also includes a charging cable, silicone ear tips in four different sizes, and a user guide. Unfortunately, you won’t find a transport bag like the ANC counterpart here. Nevertheless, the latest 1MORE headphones and their accessories leave a first impression that is even more high-quality than the Stylish True Wireless In-Ears regarding look, feel, and quality.

Bluetooth, battery, and functionality

The 1MORE ColorBuds have Bluetooth 5.0, support the wireless profiles A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP, as well as the high-resolution audio codecs aptX, AAC, and SBC. As with the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 or the TWS sports headphones, JBL REFLECT FLOW, the connection with mobile players with the third true wireless headphones from 1MORE is very simple through automatic switching on and pairing when the headphones are removed from the USB-C charging case.

1MORE ColorBuds 4

The ColorBuds look good in each of the four-color variants.
Like the 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones, this houses a 410 mAh battery with a fast charge function, thanks to which empty earphones ensure two hours of wireless music playback after just 15 minutes. Overall, however, the battery performance of the test candidate drops compared to the “Stylish True Wireless In-Ears” (6.5 hours at a time / 24 hours with multiple charging) with up to six hours at a time and up to 22 hours with numerous charging via the charging case slightly worse and is more based on that of the True Wireless ANC In-Ears. On the other hand, competitors such as the already mentioned TWS headphones from Cambridge Audio are ahead of the game with up to 45 hours of wireless music playback in a direct comparison.

Also included: touch sensor control on both earphones, compatibility with the Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants as well as IPX5 sweat and water jets protection, which allows the 1MORE ColorBuds to work despite the lack of ear fins or similar In principle, they can also be used as sports headphones and outdoors in rainy weather. Various LED light and flashing signals and signal tones also provide information about pretty much every status of the listener. For example, they notify the user with a piercing noise when the battery capacity is nearing its end.

1MORE ColorBuds Pink 1

The ColorBuds are even more compact compared to the Stylish TWS In-Ears and also have no ear fins.
And the 1MORE ColorBuds are also equipped with ENC microphone technology, including a dual microphone for clear call quality when making calls. The non-slip underside and powerful charging magnets, thanks to which the charging case can be opened the wrong way round and shaken without the earphones falling out, complete a well-rounded overall package. Only Active Noise Canceling (ANC) has to be dispensed with brand new listeners.

1MORE ColorBuds Pink Wear 1

Immerse yourself in the music and forget the world around you – no problem with the 1MORE ColorBuds.
The 1MORE ColorBuds weighs a feather-light 4.1 grams per listener and together with their charging case, which weighs just 32.1 grams, a total of just 40.3 grams, with dimensions of just 27 × 21 × 20 millimeters per earpiece and 60 × 30 × 38 millimeters for the charging case. These values ​​make the third TWS model from 1MORE an ultra-compact companion for mobile music enjoyment and are beyond competition. However, because no true wireless headphones that we have tested so far are so light and have such a compact format, at best, the Lypertek TEVI and Cambridge Audios Melomania 1 can still keep up with their values ​​to some extent.

1MORE ColorBuds Black Carry 3

This is how handy the charging case for the latest TWS headphones from 1MORE is.
Furthermore, the 1MORE ColorBuds stood out in the practical test thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 with lightning-fast pairing with various smartphones and digital audio players and an automatic connection to mobile devices that were paired once. The test subject was also able to confirm the manufacturer’s information on Bluetooth range and battery power in practice. We found the fast charge function in particular, with which completely emptied 1MORE ColorBuds were ready for two hours of wireless music playback after just 15 minutes at the socket when things had to go fast again, we found extremely practical.

1MORE ColorBuds Gold 6

And that’s how small the ColorBuds themselves are.
When used outside in the city and public transport, the “Auto Pause & Play” function also proved to be very practical, thanks to which music playback stopped when both or one of the headphones was removed from the ear and resumed again as soon as the or put the phone back on. That “saved battery,” as they say in New German, and in this way, it was also possible to continue listening to the music with only one listener in the ear. In contrast, the others were taken out to better hear voice announcements on the train, for example. Moreover, a sudden rain shower on the uncovered platform could not harm the tiny earbuds thanks to IPX5 protection- they happily continued to play “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” in the jazz cover version Emilie-Claire Barlow and inevitably put a smile on my face despite the heavy rain.

Thanks to the optimized ergonomic design, the 1MORE ColorBuds always sat bomb-proof despite the lack of ear fins, and thanks to their low weight and format, they were still pleasantly light in the ear canal at all times. By the way, other test persons also quickly found the proper size or fit for themselves among the supplied earmolds – and also reported that they were very comfortable to wear, even during long listening sessions.

The signal tones as well as the different colored lights and flashing of the LEDs on the earphones and charging case as well as the clever and perfectly functioning touch sensor control directly on the earpieces, with the help of which the music was quickly stopped if necessary, for example, or the voice assistant was called up in no time, also made handling the more accessible Test candidates. Speaking of handling: Both the earphones and the charging case – although, as with the “Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones” and in contrast to the ANC counterpart 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones, not made of metal, but ‘only” Made of plastic – had a good feel and looked relatively stable and of high quality. So far, it has already been a strong performance!

This is what the ColorBuds sound like

Although the tiny earbuds got started right from the start like the fire brigade, we, of course, also sent them through a burn-in phase of about 72 hours before the actual hearing test to create the same conditions and to be able to get a well-rounded picture of their sound performance. The test candidate was allowed to use various digital audio players such as the Mini-DAP FiiO M5, the HiBy R3 Pro, the Pioneer XDP-300R, and the FiiO M11 and, last but not least, our reference DAP iBasso DX220, which is perfect for the 1MORE ColorBuds then show the enormous power that lies in this vanishingly small shell.

1MORE ColorBuds Gold 7

The 1MORE ColorBuds manage the connection to mobile players in no time at all.
The true wireless headphones tested here, with their newly developed full-range BA driver, showed a noticeably improved sound quality in almost every point compared to the Stylish True Wireless In-Ears on all feeders and achieved an overall balanced and inharmonious sound across the entire frequency range with a fairly neutral character – including high resolution and incredible detail.

For example, in the low-frequency range, the test person showed how far down he got with Trentemøller’s “Evil Dub.” On the other hand, the 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ears – which are also twice as expensive and equipped with a dynamic driver specially responsible for the low tones – were much more voluminous and precise. Nevertheless: It is impressive how much pressure and contour the tiny earbuds from 1MORE used to play such deep bass of electronic music and current pop and R&B hits like Regard’s “Ride It.” B ei all this, they sounded even slightly coherent and more natural than the TWS Tieftonspezielist JBL REFLECT FLOW. And even double bass traces of audiophile and jazz pieces like “The Kicker” by Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, as well as the slap bass in “King of the Lobby” by the Brecker Brothers, sounded much more earthy than expected with the 1MORE ColorBuds. All attention!

1MORE ColorBuds Black 4

Even with finely resolved mids, the test candidate knew how to please with such source material and set titles from the rock and pop area. In the Hooters classic “Karla with a K,” for example, the test candidate also clearly reproduced numerous details. In addition, 1MORE’s third TWS model did not show itself to be particularly strained even when producing high voices like that of Birdy or The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins and formed correspondingly high-pitched passages in “Skinny Love” or “Get Your Hands off My Woman” as well as various saxophone solos.

In addition, the listeners worked out reverberation rooms like at the beginning of the Ace classical “How Long” and were impressed with the playback of classical and lived music with a very decent listening stage and positive dynamic behavior. In addition, the handset did, such as Charly Antolini’s “Crash,” an anspringe ends transient response indicates remains so recently noted that we operating it in 1more ColorBuds with one on almost every area of musical playground unexpectedly strong and with great enthusiasm, tiny, a motley powerhouse to do. Strong!


The brand new 1MORE ColorBuds became a successful new edition and a natural upgrade of the Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones from last year in our practice and listening test. 1MORE’s newest TWS headphones are now, on the one hand, thanks to an internally newly developed full-range BA driver with a significantly improved sound. But, on the other hand, with an even more compact and lighter design and touch sensor control, Bluetooth 5.0, the USB-C -Standard and IPX5 protection – and all that without any price increase compared to its predecessor. Affordable lifestyle headphones with valuable features that also sound damn good – it’s imposing!

1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless Earbuds Review
1MORE ColorBuds True Wireless Earbuds Review

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